hellstation walkthrough? (yes I feel like a noob for not being able to figure it out)

(i originally posted this on the off topic forums, Social suggested I post here)

 	 	 		 		 		okay so i finally got around to checking out hellstation (its been on my harddrive forever) so I know to answer the phone, try to turn the lightswitch on, get the flashlight, kill the crows, get the keycard, then go to the bathroom and get the other keycard, but what do I do after that?

I cant even get Hellstation working :frowning:

Afther you get the last keycard, there is a room filled with 2 bats. When you enter that room, they are going to attack you. When done, you can push down the big blue or grey (can’t remember) bookshelf and you can walk on it to the roof. Now there is a little ventilation thingy which you can remove using a screwdriver (can be found at the same place as the flash light afther throwing the bookshelf against the wall) So when you got it and get into the ventilation thingy, you’ll be placed into a room with a computer and you have to solve a password.

I hope I’m right, I do have somewere hellstation on my pc, no idea where but I could upload it somewere for public use. :smiley:

Why not? What problems do you get?

Nice too see that people are still playing this

I never could get it to run on my old system. It was too slow of a cpu and almost NO vidram. I will try it on this new system.

thank JD-multi, i’ll try that

This is the 2nd or 3rd thread I have seen posted about this game. Where could I download a copy? All links I have searched for turn up bunk.