Helm - Modeled with Blender - Rendered with Octane and Luxrender


This is a jousting helm that I am modeling. Is missing a couple of details, and final texturing and showcasing, so these are basically tests to see how it is coming along.

A video of the helm rendered with Octane 1.1 can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLpUy9h_5Hg

And the stills below of an earlier version were obtained using Luxrender 1.2



Nice model. The metal (both silver and gold) is too shiny though?
Also too much stars?

By the way, if you are after camera animation in Octane, then this might be good for your work http://www.OctanePowerTools.com .

This are the default, Luxrender settings for Shinny Metal and Gold. I will eventually adjust the materials. As for the number of stars, original jousting helms had all of these; they are there not just for ornamental purposes, but were the rivets that kept the helm together.


good work. Lux is an AMAZING engine. I am using lux for my lamborghini model. You may want to put firefly rejection up to 5 or so. not much higher cuz it will kill your ram. This can be found in the bottom of your cameras settings, not to be confused with render settings.

like i said, good work