helm (update 1116)

I’m not dead, I just haven’t been Blending much the last year.

Today I’ve been playing a bit with making chainmail and after much twisting and bending I finally made these:
(If anybody’d be interested in a mini-tute I’ll put one together, but maybe it’s too simple)

The reason I’m figuring out chainmail is that I’ll eventually need some for this thing: http://w1.185.telia.com/~u18510119/temp/helm.jpg


Sweet as man!! Welcome back!

Excellent images, the helm could use a little less plasticy feel though, other wise very nice!

Thanks :slight_smile: It’s good to be back.

The material on the helm will change, for the moment I just wanted to do a few test renders that weren’t plain grey.
Here are a few more views: http://w1.185.telia.com/~u18510119/temp/helm1.jpg
I’m more or less done with the front and top I think, now for the back of it (that’s where I’ll probably use some chainmail)

sweet helmet, you should make a big ugly warrior guy to wear it
somthing like in warcraft
great style you got there

Being a newbie, I’m sure there is something I don’t understand. I’m just curious why you would choose to model chainmail, when it seems a texture could do the job. Won’t the polycount be tremendous for a complete chainmail model?

Wu: I was thinking more of a lich kind of character, not sure I’ll ever take it that far though.
DYeater: For a game and for many other purposes textured chainmail would be adequate, but I’m going for more detail here (I’m not sure I’ll ever make more than close up stills of this one) so I can afford a few vertices. And with the number of them I’ve already used on the mask I don’t think a bit of chainmail will make much difference.

Ok, thanks. It’s all a learning process to me. I appreciate your time in answering my quesiton.



Niche chain mails, nice helm too!


the design on that helmet is awesome!
Yeah, that would look awesome on a lich type character with a cool staff and the like. I wanna see where this goes.

DYeater: any time, if you don’t ask you don’t learn… I might not be the best source of answers though :wink:

Thanks Stefano. It’s cool that so many people have stuck to Elysiun for all this time. Permit me to consider you a pillar of the Blender society :Z

FiXXXer: Wherever it’s going, it’s going there slowly. I haven’t got as much time to blend as I’d like (I don’t think hardly anybody does though).

I’ve finished the top part I think. For the rest of the back of it I’m thinking of using overlapping plates. Any ideas?

Nice helmet and chainmail. I agree on modeling the chain mail. I did a picture once with a ball wrapped in chainmail. I used a texture of a chainmail that I took a picture of and it just didn’t look right - modeled chain mail would have been better.
I think the idea of overlapping plates in the back sounds good.