Helmet(& Armor)


Does anyone have suggestions what kind of details i should still add.

set smooth! needs lot more work!

Yeah, Set Smooth would be nice.

As for it needing more work, a little, yeah. You have a nice basic design though. Keep on going.



Yeah…looks much better after smooth :slight_smile:

i think it would look cool if you added some things hanging from the horns, like various stuff tied to them :wink:
maybe add some small plates or scales attached to it like around the bottom
lanyway looks cool so far

From a modelling perspective, I don’t really think it needs any more detail. It’s quite a cool helmet.

I do think the horns are not round enough through. They don’t follow a smooth curve like I would expect. Is that deliberate?

I don’t think it needs much more detail, but I would like to offer a suggestion…

With those extrusions on the side of the helmet you should extrude the outer vertices one more time, and leave them where they are. This should give a much sharper, refined edge.

Do you know what I meant by that? Because I’m not going to explain it any further.

It looks pretty good by the way. :wink:

I made horns look like that deliberately. I think it looks better that way.

Just some small details


looks good. is this going to be submitted in the wc?

Nice update. :slight_smile:



I suck at texturing and i dont know what to put in the backround.

So what else are you planning to do with it?
Are you going to model the creature with the helmet on it?

This is a good helmet. It would be a shame to stop here.


wow, very nice, u may want to add a strap and some insignia on it?
Anyway keep going it’ll be great when u finish!


BLAH… because my texturing skills suck i used some stuff you can easily make with blender… I made one render that looked much better than this but i didnt remember to save it so i had to make it all again… :x … this is the reason why i usualy start new stuff before i finish anything…

i think i try to use some simple textures and finish this.

for the horn texture: you can use a simple blend texture to make one end of the horn dark and the other end light. I’ve used it before, usually looks good. generally make the attached and darker. the texture on the helmet looks good. black, smooth, scary:)

all i can say is AWSOME and TOO COOL very nice might want to work on a breastplate and arms i have to say it would look really cool keep it up

Hey Repa^

I only just saw your helmet for the first time and rad all the comments you got. You really followed the ideas of the replys and now you have added textures and colours. IT LOOKS GREAT man, really! But if I was you I’dd try to create a head or perhaps a stand and a museum around it…

See for yourself, so far: great work!

Sander Wit

This is an evil-type helmet, right? Maybe slant the part above the eye to make it look more angry.

I’m not sure about the horn texture, and the black (to me) doesn’t look metallic, but you’re doing much better than I could (texture-wise), so I’ll just stop talking now :D.

If you want some kind of insperation, check this out. All done in 3dMax.