Helmet Clipping Issues

Hi I’m trying to make a high quality World War 2 M1 Helmet with a pacific theme so it’ll have the helmet cover etc which’ll be done with a normal map. Right now I’m having trouble scaling the inside strap things properly since they’re clipping the only problem is that since 2 of them are diagonal I can’t scale them correctly and using the normal or local mode won’t work either any help on how I could scale it down straightly so it won’t clip?

You could try joining the meshes before scaling. That, or scale them relative to the 3d cursor.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: Although I didn’t understand what you meant by scaling relative to the cursor but I did “fix” the clipping issues by doing it in a more complicated way by manually moving the edge loops of the straps around the X and Y axis and it seemed to work although time consuming!