Helmet Design

So I drew a helmet design back in 2009. I’ve now decided that my Blender skills have progressed enough to actually model it and (hopefully) do it some justice.
Here is my first rough draft of the rear pieces after approx. 1.5 hours of modelling.

And here is the original sketch design.

Tomorrow I tackle the front, and the side extras.

I like what I see already

Cool design, is this like a futuristic football helmet? Looks like a New Orleans Saints logo… The Saints QB Drew Brees is gonna love it :slight_smile:

Second day progress. I’ll have more time to work this now that it’s the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll model up the lights on the side and the black vent thingies.

Day Three Update! Well it’s been awhile, but work and other life obligations have kept me away. Here are some shots of the new side light pieces, and textures. Not final version, but I’ll be doing an animated turntable tonight!


Excellent! A very high-quality small model. Keep it up!

I like how the faceplate opens. I look forward to the turntable.

Thanks Lightman and Anita! It’s probably going to have to be uploaded tomorrow. I’m making the scene brighter, and adding some more details to the decals on the faceplate. Then I have to render it out. I’m going to do 300 frames at 30 frames per second so it will be a fast turntable but loopable. I’m rendering at 200 samples which takes 57seconds a frame. If you do all that math it is basically going to take 6 hours to export all the png images and then another 30 minutes to recompress and upload. But it should look pretty sharp.

Most other turntables I’ve seen ranged from 4-7 seconds so 10 seconds is a good length. I can’t imagine doing an animation in Cycles I’d blow up my computer. Still not a bad time though 6 hours for 300 frames it’d probably take 6 hours for me to render one frame.

daft punk…

While I do like some of that bands music, and enjoy their quirky helmets this is not meant for that. To be entirely honest I’m not sure what it’s for. I can however see where you mean with the large frontal face plate.

I will say that daft punk had no direct influence on this piece. The major influences for this piece were:
Headphones for the side cups, and top head band piece.
PS3 game called Haze for the front face piece.
Halo’s Masterchief for the side lamps.
And lastly the two big husks were inspired by bumblebee in the transformers movie.

At least that’s what I think was the inspiration. I drew the original concept back in '09.

i know, i was just saying the first thing that popped into my head when i saw your last post.

Cool design. The texture’s really nice, too.

Steve S

Well it took 6.5 hours to render all 300 frames at 540x540. But here it is :spin::

and some stills from the render: