Thanks, great! I’ll look into HardOps and Decal Machine for sure. Looking forward to a break down and/or video tutorial!

In just 3-4 months time, you’re able to do that helmet. Which is amazing. I haven’t progressed as much because I have about 2 hours a day of my own time to do Blender since I started in August this year. I hope this is just the first of the amazing models that you’ll conjure throughout your Blender journey!

The helmet is covered in DECALmachine’s supplied decals.

Nice job, and welcome to #b3d @brenBOT!


You have to get your hands on decal machine! This helmet is really smoke and mirrors, full of decals from Decal Machine. I always dreamed of tool like this in Maya, its even better than what I imagined. It is rock solid and well thought out and one of the reasons I couldn’t go back to Maya.

thanks Meshin3 :partying_face:


Ive been doing 3D for over 20 years. Ive used every 3D package out there :weary:
To me it shows me how insanely good Blender is to be able to get a result like this so fast. There are a few quirks I struggled with but Hardops helped to bypass some of them.
The tool that helped me alot with this was the grease pencil … to be able to draw over the object was crazy helpful.
I did this gun in no time as well … In Maya this would have taken weeks!!!


Pretty solid design and color palette! Love to see such work inside of Blender.

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Oh, I never expected that. I probably shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions when hearing you just started using Blender. I never expected that you would’ve had experience in other 3D modelling packages, nonetheless having over 20 years of experience. It does make sense when I look at your model.
Thank you for correcting me, I will learn from this for the future.

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I am quit new to Blender as well. I have plenty of Creative backgrounds to draw (oops!) from, now I’m learning how to apply that to an entirely different medium for me. The current life situation we are all sharing has unexpectedly opened a door I didn’t see at all! It’s not just being creative in ways I love but I’m learning animation (2d & 3d), and inspirations like yours that help me to look even farther from where I am! If you are just getting started WE have much to look forward to.

                                            Thank You!

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My pleasure … I love creating in 3D. Blender is so amazing :slight_smile:

Im looking forward to mastering your addon :partying_face:

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Keen to see what you create with it! :tada:

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More about this piece on BlenderNation:

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awesome work.

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