Helmets, Earth and Asaro Planes mannequin

here are some finished renders from the last couple of weeks, I haven’t done as much as I would normally as I have been building my first PC, designed with blender in mind!

A model based off of the Asaro Planes Mannequin

I turned the model into a 1.5x life size bust - more information on the seconds page

I recently built a new PC, so I dug up my result of the Blue marble tutorial I did over a year a go (which my old PC hated due to the texture size) and made myself a wallpaper.


HD: http://i.imgur.com/hIIuz.jpg HD:http://i.imgur.com/OgW9k.jpg
A selection of helmets that I modelled as a small summer holiday project and a vertical render of the Asaro head

Enderman (from minecraft) render that was quite popular on tumblr when I poster it! :L

I also did a small camera tracking exercise you can see here, involving creepers :wink:

also, please feel free to check out my portfolio, I am always looking to improve it and to weed out the weak points in it.


Didn’t think my renders were bad enough not to get any replys!
Ah well, here’s a polite bump with a new render to sweeten the deal

It’s pretty awesome tbh - I think people just don’t think of what to say, and it can quickly fall to the bottom of the pile… well… that’s what I tell myself when I get no replies…

Maybe, I think I should probably spread out my renders instead of putting them in one bulk post too, that may help with the presentation, I just fear I would be spamming the forum!

Maybe it’s the blatant attention seeking by making a special version of your picture as narrow and tall as possible to max out your row size that puts people off…

I didn’t make that version for blenderartists, I didn’t realise I was being such a dick and I didn’t realise you were so cynical…

what about place Mannequin to WIP and build whole body. Can be nice character :slight_smile: thanks for model.

I think it looks great. The proportions are spot-on and the posture has this nice '50s galactic conquest air about it. Your work really shows that you can do a lot with just a few polygons, and in the right context it could prove a very compelling image. However, it is completely dependent on such a context. I imagine a scene in an intergalactic museum where this is the only surviving relic of a mysterious civilization long ago passed. Strange futuristic creatures ponder us, wondering if we were anything like they are.

Don’t worry, your work looks amazing, I absolutely love your compositions ^^

That was a bit uncalled for…


(damn 10 character post minimum…)

I especially like the enderman render- quite disturbing :slight_smile:
Strange enough seeing a mob that carries around blocks, but a minecrafters head splattered with blood? Great concept.

The ‘angular busts’ are great as well, not overly complex to look at but still effective and interesting.

And yeh, feel free to post work in separate threads. I dont think anyone has issues with that, the more quality art posted here the better. Its definetly not looked on as ‘spam’ on an artists forum :slight_smile:

thanks all you beautiful bastards! I think I will keep making my mannequin and stick that shit in a nice scene.

I will bear all your advices about forum postin’ in future and I hope to become best of friends with Mr Michael W in the future. :heart:

Also, feel free to rate me down a few stars, I can’t deal with this being my first 5 stars, it’s just too lovely.

I really like the bust. Would you upload the blend so I can get a better look at it?

here it is, but it is set up for cycles :slight_smile:
(this is the version without the body)

Thanks for uploading. It looks very nice and the geometry is very minimalistic and interesting. But I have a question. In object view, the shading is very nice and looks just like your renders, but, in edit mode, the shading is very strange and blurred – cannot make out much of the shape at all – so I’m wondering if your copy of blender did the same thing while you were working on it in edit mode, or if I have my settings done wrong.

Oh, and sorry I was so long to thank you for the upload.

Yes your copy of blender is fine :slight_smile:
the model is smooth shaded and the sharp edges are created by a subsurf modifier in the stack and high crease values, the base model I made is actually very low poly, but the model I use for rendering is very high poly.
You get similar results to the high poly render on the low poly if you switch flat shading though.

I don’t think I understand. In edit mode, I click smooth or flat shading, but nothing changes. Also, doesn’t subsurf make things less sharp, more organic?

EDIT: nevermind about the shading, I got it to work. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. But my question about subsurf still holds.

you needed to select all the vertices and click flat, amirite?

Yes, the Catmull–Clark subdivision surface makes things less sharp, and the reason I have added a subsurf modifier is to add curves and rounded surfaces into the model. But if you look in edit mode you will see purple lines that roughly follow the sharp edges in the model, those are creases which are a feature in blender to create such sharp edges and to keep definition when using the subsurf modifier. You can read more about here: http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-234/weighted-creases-for-subsurfs/

I hope that clears things up for you :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for your sample-blend-file
i never thought about using such possibility.
This is the gls-render and its render-time is less than 1 second.
I always did the opposite,
using low-values for subdivision-modifier for view/3d-edit
to keep things quick. But using it for the quick gls-render
give some - i think - stunning results.

and one… same quick-render method (using blender-glsl-mode)

(to get no response, does not imply no one takes care …)

(i changed the material to non-nodes - no-cycles - and added a spot
and a bit color for the background-plane …)