Hello Everyone!

Here’s a model of a lightly modded Mark III Helmet we worked on at our studio. Its the first in a series of ‘Helmets/Masks’ and we will go on to create Darth Vader’s, Stormtrooper’s, Spidey, The Predator, Master Chief (Halo), Batman, etc… I’m posting here so we will be accountable to other artists around here and not just dump the project when we feel like.



It looks great. for some reason it looks like its been painted in Photoshop.

Well, I’d be glad if i could use Photoshop that well. lol.
It was all in blender with some compositing so it doesn’t look too realistic.

Very nice! That’s a great idea to make the helmets! I can’t wait to see the Star Wars helmets. :slight_smile: I might have to try modeling a Stormtrooper helmet. Great job!

It is a great job! I love your materials!

Yes, nicely done, taiwofolu! Your materials and textures are good, and I appreciate that you not only scratched the edges up, but incorporated some dents into the helmet. Good work, looking forward to seeing more!

It is looking great. The materials are well done. I do see some errors with what I think is the compositing. There is a yellowish hue that surrounds the helmet and some ghosting (not sure what the actual term is) mostly visible on the top of the helmet. Looks like one of the layers were off while compositing.

Looking forward to the other helmets you have planned.

The ghosting thing is called chromatic aberration but now you mention it, i think it was a little too much. Thanks for the observation ��, I’ve taken note of it.

Seasons greetings everyone!

Looks good but the chromatic aberration is way too much for my taste. I would leave it out entirely or reduce it by 90% at least. The funny thing is that real photographers will go to great lengths to get rid of this effect, we CG artists add it back in for ‘realism’ :smiley:

Otherwise good, just way too much CA.

Bad ass :smiley: Really nice looking helmet and im looking forward to seeing the rest of the planned heads especially predator! Good luck!

Very nice job on the model and textures. May I ask if it was sculpted or hard surface modeled

@kemmler Lol, yeah it’s like we’re running in the opposite direction.
Thanks for the comment, I’ll really tone it down in my future projects, i never thought it’d be that horrible (lol).

Lol, thanks a lot B-)

Thanks, It was hard surface modeled. But i used sculpt mode to do a lot of smoothing of the rough areas.

It’s been a while but I’m determined to keep updating this stuff B-)…
Here’s a wireframe of the next helmet. More coming.


Eager to see more. Keep up the good work.