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Hi, I created a model with Blender, now I would like to print it in 3D, but looking online I saw that I had to use the Blender addons.
Do I have to make the model all over again or is there a way to keep it and just making changes?

Hi - you don’t have to use any blender addons!

What kind of printer are you looking to print on?

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No need for add-ons. They make life easier sometimes for certain modeling needs.

Export as STL and use your slicer to see if there are any issues.

P.S. Just realized the STL import/export is an add-on. If you haven’t enabled it, its built into blender.

Preferences > addons > import-export:STL format

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Truly I don’t know, my friend asked me to do a model to print, but both of us never printed something in 3D.
I’ll ask him.

So, summarizing, when I need to create a model to print in 3D I just use Blender normally, without activating something or other things, and finished I just export the project in STL?
It’s seems so easier, I’m sure I’ll stuck somewhere in some weird way…as always :thinking::joy:

Ok, so it’s all pretty simple. Been printing with Blender for years, and it’s normally just fine :slight_smile:

First thing you’ll wanna do is sort out your scale and dimensions. You’ll wanna make sure you apply your scale to the object (so that all of the scale values =1) and also work out how big you’d like it to be in the real world. If you’re not sure, then it’s always better to make it bigger and scale down if needed at the time of printing. Remember to always apply your scale again after scaling an object (unless you scale in edit mode).

Once your model is “ready”, you’ll wanna export it as an STL. As pointed out above, STL export is actually an addon which I’d totally forgotten. You can enable it by clicking Edit>>Preferences>> Addons - and searching for STL.


Tick it and you’re ready to go.

Then its File>>Export>>STL

You then just need to tell Blender where to save it.

Important: You’ll need to set the Scale value to 1000 due to how blender handles units. I always tick Scene Units too. Make sure Selection Only is ticked too, otherwise it’ll export the entire blend file; you’ll wanna make sure you have the exported object selected in the viewport prior to exporting. Everything else can stay default.


Thank you very much for the explanations and the reference images, tomorrow I’ll apply everything following your indications.
(Here it’s 00:48 :sweat_smile:)

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Yes, though the devil is in the details (like always).

As Magnavis mentions, you want to make sure your dimensions are set correctly. Not a deal breaker since you can adjust them with your 3d slicer software but makes life easier.

Another addon, that is built into blender, that is extremely helpful but not mandatory is the Mesh: 3d-print Toolbox. It analyzes the model for overhangs, intersecting geometry, and other stuff and if you are lucky can sometimes even fix them.


Thank you for the tip, I’ll use it :smiley:

Is also the color of the object exported too?
If I want to make the length of the object like 10 cm, I just modify here the dimensions?

No color information is exported. Color comes from the filament or resin used whilst printing (depending on which).

And yes, If you just scale that x10, it should give you 10cm on Y axis. Don’t forget to apply your scale again afterwards.


Thank you very much

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Sorry if I’m bothering you again😅.
Changing the dimensions the scale is being modified but if then I put the scale 1, the dimensions are became as before the modification.
How to change the dimensions then?
I want them to be x 11,6 y 27 and z 2,03

Hi - Yeah, that’ll happen. All you need to do is adjust the dimensions, and then once done, apply the scale. The scale value will then reset to 1, without affecting the actual dimensions.


Ok, it works and imported in CURA, but it becames smaller, just a few though :cry::persevere:

Yeah, so its still quite small, which is why I suggested simply doing S + 10 in Blender before exporting it out (scaling by a factor of 10). It’s currently only 2.6cm x 1.15cm.

But yeah, those values are correct. If you click the values in Blender, they’ll show these values. The UI just rounds them down/up.

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Ok, got it.
Yes, it’s small because I have the idea to print it and then color it and use it as pendant.

I’ll keep in mind this things.
Thank you very much again :grin::+1:

After this the minimum I can do is to show you the result if you like :smiley:


For anyone new who may not exactly know what people mean when they say Apply Scale, this doesn’t mean typing 1 in the N Options Panel for scale, as that will just resize the object again.

Once you have scaled the object up (in Object mode), with it selected, Press CTRL A and then pick Scale.

That will basically set the scale of the object to 1, but leave all dimension values as they are.