help a complete noob import a .dwg, .dxf or .3ds

So I’m trying to import a file into Blender, but to no avail. I should probably mention I’ve never ever used Blender before, so maybe I’m just being a dumbass. I’m hoping this is an easy problem, anyway.

The problem I’m having with importing the .dwg file is that “DWG-importer can’t find external DWG-converter (DConvertCon.exe) in Blender script directory.”

The problem with the .dxf file is, well, there appears to be no problem. It seems to correctly import the file. But when I switch to the 3D window, it’s just the blank standard grid. No file to be seen…

When I try to import the .3ds file it says “Python error, check console”. Which then says a bunch of stuff I, as a noob, don’t understand.

Anyone care to help? Thanks in advance!

Hi. Re the dwg file: you really are supposed to download and instal the Dconvertcon.exe file )or program - as the instructions on the dxfImporter site says. I haven’t really tried it, so can’t help you there, sorry.

Re dxf: Chances are the file has been imported okay, but it’s not in camera view, or being clipped. Click on the “Home” button to “zoom all”. Then in the View Menu (menu at bottom of the viewport), click on the “view properties” and adjust the “clip end” till you see the model properly.

I have no idea about the 3ds import. It would probably be better to use the obj or the dae import. FWIW, What I do is take it to sketchup, do my “base modelling” there, and import in Blender through dae. (Export kml, rename file to, unzip, import xxx.dae from the ‘models’ folder)

Hope this helps.

Hey wow, thanks for the quick reply!

Since it’s just one file I’m trying to import, I suppose I should probably concentrate on the .dxf one since that one seems to be easiest.

I just noticed something odd, though. When I try import -> .dxf and select the .dxf file, I get a couple of errors: “error parsing dxf, expected (20,y) at line 15084”

Whereas when I select import -> autodesk DXF (.dwf .dxf) I get the aforementioned blank view. And when I press home to try and view everything, nothing changes.

But hey what a warm welcome!

Sorry, I didn’t notice that it was your first post here. Welcome to the Blender world!
You’ll find most of the Blender users very helpful - a lot of them much more knowledgeable than me :wink:

The ‘problem’ with the DXF is that there are different versions - written by different people. Your best bet is probably to use the latest version, from here:

Happy Blendering - as another, very helpful, user says. :smiley:

Thanks! I tried these things and it didn’t work. Then I noticed that the .dxf importer can’t actually import 3Dsolids, which is what I’ve been doing all along. I guess my problem is simple in the sense that it’s not actually going to work. I’m just going to make my spiral in Blender from the start then!

Oh. Well, in any case you’re probably better off just exporting the “support” drawings (plans as 2d, or perhaps 3d faces - properly positioned. For example, the base shape of a railing to be extruded, and it’s path). And do the actual 3d work in Blender. You’ll get much cleaner lines that way.

And do take a look at, if you can. And the wiki page for Blender for Architecture.