help: a great result I cannot replicate or explain

I wanted to repeat a texture just in one direction, not checkers, not fill in x and y directions. I tried everything but didnt work. Suddenly, after fiddling with F6->Map Image, i render and get the result of the image. I include the blend file (the image of the texture is not packed, it wouldnt upload, but you can load any)

So, the material is only one, the textures have the same settings. But two of them repeat in the x axis and the other two don’t. I can’t find a difference between those settings. Only with the repeating one I messed up with checkers, repeats and whatnot. But then I got back to a single clip texture and got this out of the blue.

Can anyone help? I’m utterly confused here.


test2.blend (149 KB)

Look at the Mirr button when you use Repeat Button.

It seems to be responsible of this effect when Clip is enable.

Yes, i just saw your post when I was going to post the solution in case any other blenderhead needed it.

Thanks, I was looking for a simple solution to road markings, and this looks good.