Help a newbie out!

Hello, I’m fairly new to Blender. I have some questons that need answering please!

How do you create Shadows for blender and is it possible to make lightmaps and compile it?
What are some good texture sites?

Where can I learn how to make a movie?

Where can I learn how to do blender and program AI (every python tutorial that gets advanced lets you make a calculator or something retarted) for blender?

Thanks a lot guys :smiley:

Oh yes I amost forgot!

I want to make brushes so I can use them in a game and not make new brushes every time I make a map. Is there any way I can make a object, like a chair, save it. Open up a new blender file and put it in there? I can’t find out anywhere how to do that! Thanks a lot in advance too!

To do teh thing with the chair that you mentoined, I would recommend grouping the parts of the chair together with
Buttons window>>Object>>Object and Links Panel>>Add Group.
This will allow you to spawn it from
Add>>Group>>Group Name Here.
To get it in a different .Blend file, go to the new .Blend and go
File>>Append or Link
then go and select the group, object, or whatever you wish to append and then push the Load Libary button.