Help a noob! How can I join meshes without one of them getting disfigured?

So, I started experimenting with sculpting and I wanted to try and sculpt a big cat. Of course being a beginner I’m not expecting it to be a masterpiece, but at least I wanted to try and see how the overall workflow is and get the overall shape right.

Now, I decided to follow this method seen in this tutorial (, where I sculpt body parts separately and join the meshes later with the voxel remesher (which AFAIK is the same as a Boolean, correct me if I’m wrong though).

When joining the head, neck, main body and front legs in my big cat, I had no issues. However, I’m having trouble with the paws: basically, I want to keep all the toes separate, but when I join the paws and the other mesh and the hit remesh, the remesher creates this sort of bridge between all the toes, which is not what I want:

The first image shows the 2 meshes (btw I did the paws by modelling, not sculpting, if it matters) before joining them or remeshing.

The second image shoes the meshes after joining them but not remeshing. Notice how the toes are separate from each other.

The third image shows how the paw does indeed get attached to the leg, yes, but the toes become bridged!!! How do I solve this? Creasing with full pinch doesn’t seem to work…

Sculpting and modeling is not my forte, but pic two looks really good. I would just make sure the ankle vertices line up to merge with the leg ones. Add smoothing and subdivide for render 2 or 3 times. Are you going to animate the cat?

If you join objects the object being joined will inherit modifiers from the object being joined to. Are there modifiers that may explain this?

No, Voxel Remesh is not the same as a Boolean. The reason for picture number 3 is the remesher (in particular, the detail size).
In fact, what you are looking for here is a boolean, instead of joining and remeshing. That is, if you want to keep detail on the toes intact. Make a boolean union of the legs with feet (or feet with legs), sculpt out the seam.

Thank you, using a Boolean worked. The only problem would be that now that it is attached to the rest of the mesh I can’t use the remesher to, well, remesh it when I need to… I’m guessing what I should do is just continue sculpting the mesh and attach the paws at the very end when I don’t need to remesh anymore, right?

Yes. Or reduce remesh detail size (but of course you can’t do that indefinitely).

oooooooh so the bridging is because the voxel size is too big?

Yeeeeeeeees. :slight_smile:

thank you for the help!