Help a noob with a case of teh stoopids

It’s 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, it’s been a long week, I have a case of teh stoopids and a model of a room I want to put in the BGE.

Nothing is UV wrapped, it’s just a simple room with some basic materials, textures and a bunch of lights. I want to set my computer free to work over the weekend if necessary so which one of the tutorials is for slightly dain brameged noobs to BGE?

All I want to do is step into the room and walk around it as a demonstration that I’m starting to learn how to do this stuff.


Well, there are so much way to start learning the BGE. A lot of threads on this forum talk about what you want.

This site is pretty cool to start step by step :

And I did not understand “a case of teh stoopids”, is that a joke or a project?

It’s a joke. A long week of learning Blender makes the brian go stoopid late on a Friday afternoon

Apparently teh stoopid carried over to Monday. I need more coffee and a clue as to how to get the pretty materials to show up int he BGE.

Hello AnejoDave,

Your thread is in the wrong section, so I am moving it. You are looking for an answer to a question (support), so you should have posted in “Support and Discussion”. The Resources board is for sharing Blender Game Engine resources.

Also, please be aware that this is an international community and many of our members do not speak English as a native language. As a result, they may not understand idioms, Americanisms, or mis-spellings (intentional or otherwise). For example, it may not be clear that you meant “stupid” when you type “stoopid”, and one may also wonder who “brian” is and why he went “stoopid” from learning Blender. Similarly, the humor of the initial word sound transposition in the phrase “dain bramaged” will be lost on a significant segment of our community. Just FYI.

I also recommend

Thanks for getting it in the right area. I also apologize if I’m being a pest on this board. It’s a big project and I have few resources and not much time.

Oh, you’re not being a pest. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for help. BTW, my above post was meant to be purely information, and not critical. I apologize if it came across otherwise.

If you are trying to learn the BGE in a short amount of time, you may want to utilize this resource:
GameKit 2

No worries and thanks for the link