Help a noob with surfaces please.

After a long hiatus I’m back trying to learn blender and i’m going to try to explain my steps in the hopes of someone leading me to an answer, but keep in mind I’m still at maybe 0.02% of knowing this app so I’m still in unfamiliar waters.

I’ve made a super hero mask (if you recognize it’s because) I traced one side of an image with beziers curves
then flipped it (S,X-1) them merged the points to center (ALT+M,ALT+M) and made one object, then wraping the shape around a nurbs curve (Add Modifier: Curve) and everything works as planned up until the next step.

Here’s where I get boned: Next I made a face by selecting the edge of the mask (ALT+LMB) and filled it with a face (F)

now when I try to smooth (Shading:Smooth) it out and add a thickness (Add Modifier: Solidify) the faces get all whacked out.

I’ve tried (in my limited understanding) to add loop cuts to the face (CTR+R), tried subsurface (Add Modiifer: Subsurface), Flipping the direction and recalculating (Normals: Recalculate, Flip Direction) but I’m not getting the normals to show correctly.
The object needs to have depth and a semi rounded edge (bevel perhaps) but since the faces are all over the place I’m not able to get this to work.

Ultimately the model will be exported as an obj since I’m nowhere near rendering in Blender and it’s a prop for poser/studio so that’s a standard obj file.

Hi :slight_smile:
When you’re pressing F it’s adding a face that contains all those vertices (an n-gon) and currently the smooth shader has a few issues with it. You’re better off selecting 4 vertices each and then making a face with those, starting at one of the points, then hopefully it’ll look better. Another quick thing you could try before trying that is doing Alt+F (fill) and then pressing space and searching for “tris to quads” and see how that looks.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

@ @EnigmaToots thanks, I’ll try that

@ @Charblaze still a little confused about n-gons, is an n-gon face with more than 3 points, no idea how to use less vertices since I used bezier curves and that’s what it gave me. Do I need to go back and delete the dots (vertices?) and draw a face between where they were?

N-gons: more than 4 vertices.

And I suggest that you delete quite a few of those vertices, since they will play merry hell with the sub-surf modifier. Use only as many vertices as you absolutely need to.

thanks everyone, I think I got it, at least one I can use! It’s going through the process of becoming a free renderosity prop