Help a noob

I need help getting blender to recognize that i have python installed. right now it only uses the bundled python, and so scripts and add-ons don’t work.

when you fire up blender the console says “compiled witth python” then a number. make sure you install a python version with the first two numbers mataching, the 3rd number you can insall a higher number. blender dosn’t just need python, it needs that specefic version of python. if it says python 2.6.1 you can use 2.6.4 but you cant use python 2.5.4 or python 3.1 . and make sure it is installed to c:python26 for python 2.6.X .

When i start blender the console only says that it’s using the bundled python. is there another way to find what version of python to use?

are you useing blender 2.5? it has python fully integrated so its dosn’t need external python. but blender 2.5 also uses python 3.1 wich is uncompatible with all python 2.x scripts. if so you will need to get an older version of blender that uses the older version of python the script is written in. 2.5 is beta software and thee api keeps changing so scripts break quickly.

in you main blender folder there should be two folders, a .blender and plugins and some files under them (not in them, below them on the same list as the two folders) down that list will be a zip file named python followed by two didgits. thats the version of python it uses.