Help a noob

Sorry I’m a noob at blender and I was wondering how to start modelling a volcano?:smiley:
Thanks in advance

PS: I’m making a tropical island with trees, coconuts, sand etc and I was going to have a volcano in the middle so I decided to start with the volcano.

Maybe start from a tube and several edges along it. Keep in mind to maintain the polys proportion, polygon relations are very important. Also, search for pics of volcanos to enlighten yourself.

Depends on how detailed you want the volcano to be, an easy way is to simply make a grid and use proportional editing and sculpting to raise a volcano out of the flat plane (the sides of the volcano may get some stretched edges, but it’s not that bad, and texturing will be easy) I’m new here to, that guide on the left there should help you with the volcano, though it’s a very simple one. That guide is also part of a larger guide so it should help you even after your done with the volcano.

Thanks this is awesome