HELP: a "REAL" shoulder tutorial - are there any?

I’m sorry if this sounds frustrated, because I love blender and this forum.

But for a year now, I’ve had the hugest problem finding a clear and not overly analytical tutorial for a working shoulder - not a toon-hose (like the famous BsoD one). Every discussion or tutorial I’ve found, jump from the extremes of a small hose arm, over to incredibly (overly) complex analysies of musculatory stuctures and experimental mesh deformation solutions.

Also, these tutorials only show shoulder and other joints as already subsurfed meshes, wherein it’s very difficult to analyze the actual modeling process. They also use a lot of color coded drawings which they’ve done by hand…

There HAS to be something in between the two extremes…right?

If anyone knows a clear, non-toon and semi-simplified shoulder tutorial, please send it to this thread!

It sounds like you’ve seen all the stuff I have already … so if you’ll bear with … me here : down towards the middle/bottom of the page I posted a couple of blends with relatively simple geometry with pretty good working shoulders (the second one without head or feet are better) without shapekeys or any other “kludges” (as I called the more complicated solutions - though they are sometimes necessary and some of them are pretty elegant) or weight paint for that matter … Just a tip about the IK calvicles … if you don’t want them to to suddenly “tick” up while posing them just make sure the IK_UPARM_L target bone isn’t too close to the IK constrained bone (which is a third of the way up from the elbow joint) I.e. just keep them beyond the elbow and the IK motion is much smoother .

I am still in the process of working on this so I do not claim that this is a perfect solution . But in theory you should be able to create a subsurf cage that deforms stuff like shoulders etc. properly just by the proper placement of geometry .
I actually have a better version I am working on now but I didn’t want to transfer it from my laptop now … feeling lazy :wink:

Hopefully if and when I get a good feel for box modeling I might try and write a tutorial on this subject . But for now I hope the blends help you in your study of shoulder deformations …

Hey, VertexPusher,
I’ve been studying on your shoulder models, I think they’re great. I really appreciate you making them available, as you’ve found some elegant solutions to a very common problem, that is generally unaddressed in the tutorials.

I had really hoped more people would have something to offer on the subject - at least the moderators - since it’s a major component of good character animation.

Again, thank you.