HELP!!!!! aaaaaarghh

guys, im using blender 2.25

ive been adding sounds to my game, and ive now reached the number of files where it nolonger just pops up a list to choose from, and instead wants me to browse the datablock.

the problem is…when i want to use the sound actuator, and it comes up with ‘browse data block’ and i click it, NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

wtf? i cant access my sounds…and this assignment is due in 2 days!

someone know wots going on!

I’m pretty sure this is a bug and you’re out of luck

newer versions aren’t always compatible with 2.25 in this respect [if you add a sound in a newer version it might not show up in the older one [maybe only for packed sounds]]

at least… that is what I recall

I just replicated your problem with 2.25 and this appears to be a bug

The only thing you can do is delete some less important sounds(or go back to an earlier version of your project. this is a case of the value of no undo function)

I have found sound to be much better on blender2.37a as well as frame rate etc so perhaps try opening your project with 2.37a or use it into the future.

Good Luck

Dr S

My god!!!
Blender 2.25 moral to old.
You to need on 2.34-37 - is run to progress.