Help about render fast

how to save the composited render

I think this is what you want.

hi i did that but i do not see the render anywhere on my flile

Can you show me a screenshot of the compositor with the n panel (item tab) open and the file output node selected.

Also, what is shown here?

So, I can’t read the directory (image too small) that is on the F drive but you checked there as well as directly on the F drive, and the F drive is accessible? I think it should save directly to F as well as that directory according to the output path. If you go into the rendering tab: Image > Save As, where does it open to?

it goes on my f drive on a folder

So it doesn’t appear to save to either F:\ or F:“the directory you have set”?

yes ,it only saves the render which i took before compositing

Can you do as I said before; in the compositor select the file output node, press the n key, select the item tab and take a screenshot?

Can you send the blend file, or is it for work?

thx for your help

Yep, your welcome, don’t know… works for me.