Help: Adapting to the 2.5 interface

Apologies in advance if this has been posted about before. I’m not sure how to search if it has been or not.

I’m having some difficulty warming up to the 2.5 interface.

Reason being is it seems that the old 2.4x interface was more flexible when it comes to the windowing organization. I used to be able to just make a new window by right clicking on the edge of a window and making a new one. Then I could assign it to be any type of window I wanted.

Now it appears to be more rigid and there is a tiny plus icon that I can use to make a new window but the window that is created is an extension of whatever window it was created from. For example, say I’m in the 3D View and I want to make another window for the Camera View. Naturally I click the plus icon but it brings up the same menu you would get if you hit N. That’s fine if the N info menu is what I wanted… but it’s not. All I wanted to do was create a new window for the Camera View. How can I do that now?

just to the right of the plus sign is a little corner hash mark thing (look closely). If you click and drag it that should split the windows.

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Anyway, I hope the UI is not finalized, because it looks unfinished at its best.
Horizontal alignment is a nightmare and the “old” method for splitting / joining windows is way more efficient than the current one, according to me. Now, if you want to cut a small horizontal area in the bottom, you have to drag an entire window from the top-right corner. Not considering the operation is not always immediate. Many times I have obtained a vertical cut when I wanted an horizontal one (or vice-versa). Frustrating. This happens because the cut is based on the direction of the drag, which, for many reasons, could be not completely precise. I’m not always happy with these drastic changes. The new method for splitting windows doesn’t add anything to the user friendliness of the UI (never seen a new user that knows how to split windows without knowing the concept, and this is essentially like before: you have to know how to do it, so, what does it add?) and seems a change just for the sake of changing.
I hope they bring back the old behaviour, at least making it configurable for those who prefer it, but I’m afraid they consider it a finalized behaviour. Bringing back the old functionality is top priority now, but I would prefer they work on these rough edges instead on new features… I haven’t followed much the development in the early 2.5 days, but I find difficult to think they have received a positive feedback on these things.

mjordan, whilst many may prefer the old method I don’t think any of the developers have enough interest to bring it back… and many people actually find the new system clearer and preferable…

developers are in short supply, so without an interested developer you’ll wait a long time…

This is true but a shame. I know that the dragging from the corner is supposed to be more user friendly and intuitive but I had to look up a video to find out how to do it and the video ironically started off by saying that the new method was so intuitive that it means users won’t have to go look it up.

I also agree that it’s just much more frustrating to use. I often find myself struggling against it to get the cuts I want. I get horizontal when I want vertical and vice versa. Recombining is the worst though. I always end up splitting the window instead of recombining it and have to resize to get enough room to get it right. Its just a little niggle but I find splitting windows leads to about 30 seconds of frustrated fecking around where it used to be a simple click.

I’ll probably get used to the new way of doing it but it’s a pure failure in terms of making the software more intuitive and easier to use IMO. it’s not obvious that that is how you split a window and even when you know how to do it it’s harder to do.

Is there some shortcut which will emulate clicking on that small area in corner to split/join screens?

If there is not, it could be really useful.

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Definitely. It’s not intuitive and I had to do some searching to find it. Even after reading an explanation it took a few tries to get it. Why do they go out of their way to avoid simple standards that are part of windows, mac, and many linux UI’s? You see something clickable at the top right corner of a window, you assume single clicking it will close that window.

One way to change it: clicking the hashed are at the top right either “closes” a window outright (by automatically merging it with a neighboring window, such as whatever is to the right/above it)… or clicking once brings up the merge window preview (where any window you hover over goes dark, and shows a big arrow previewing which window is about to be taken over). Then you just move the mouse to the window you want to merge into and click again to complete the merge.

This could be added with the existing click’n’drag method so those who have figured that method out won’t have any trouble.