help adding windows to a curved wall

lets say I have a huge boat mesh created, I now need to add windows to it , besides fave bump maps, how can I add in windows as mesh to the wall in a clean simi automated way ???

I have like 100 to do, I dont wat to do it all by hand,

make that 600

How can you work with this new tool ?

W-Key Multidivide

if you need horizontal edges
or triangular ?

Tanks & Salutations

Booleans would be out of the question (too messy), so it really depends on what your mesh looks like. You could subdivide the polygons that make up the side multiple times and then delete the ones that are where you want a window. After that, move the vertices on the edge of the window to make whatever shape you want the window to be. Then you’ll probably have to move them again to conform to the side of the boat.

That might take a while though. You probably should have planned ahead and modeled the boat with the windows. Good luck! :slight_smile:

errr not really what I wanted… that is still a slow repeating hand method…

errr nev mind looks like only modo and stuff highly proficient in repeat stuff can do this :frowning:

wait found out the windows is 600 ! :smiley: Y//a!Y! Mind go splat**

*wishes blendeer had parallax mapping

youngbatcat: Dupliverts or booleans might be the answer. If you could provide a picture of mesh, it would help a lot.

RJ2005: It’s not polite to post unrelated questions to the topic to other people’s threads. :wink: I have found Subdivide Multi useful when used with dupliverts. For example you can add quickly planks/whatever on a plane when you this tool with dupliverts.

:smiley: the mesh does not look right with out the windows


getting windows on that thing will suck eggs… But I think I will just go bump map route