help/advice creating a spine?

This image shows a spine I just made from 1 shape with an array applied to it, manipulated with an empty. basic stuff. The white shape with the red arrow pointing at it is the shape I’d like to have the spine assume. The orange arrow points to the joint between 2 vertebrae which is mismatched and generally heinous.

Is Array the wrong way to get what I’m after? Is this more of a bones type task?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


I think your problem is with the order of the modifiers. First the array, then the curve, then subsurf. Make sure to check merge on the array modifier. Mine works fine

Edit: No it doesn’t wait a min

Solved, you need to extrude the right end of the spine unit and leave it in place. Then, with that selected in edit mode, press CTRL+H hook to new object. Then, that new empty controls those vertices. Use that empty as the object offset in the array modifier. When this empty is scalled down, it brings those last vertices with him, so that a “bridge” is formed connecting each unit to each other. Take a look at the .blend. Seems complicated but really isn’t.spine hooks.blend (358 KB)

here’s what I did…involving a different set of steps prior to applying and working with modifiers.

I made my array such that (A)the end of one vertebrate butted exactly to the beginning of the next and (B)each subsequent vertebrate got a bit smaller…did that by scaling the empty controlling the array.

THEN I applied a curve modifier, and it turned out perfectement!

had to crank the subD’s on the curve so that each vertebrate curved smoothly, but now I have myself a rockin’ good spine, just the way I imagined it!

thank you for your ideas and help!