help...again. user account and harddrive?

ok i have a new comp with 2 hard drives in it, the second hard drive is the one with all my work on, however its in my account folder in my documents and when i go to click on it, its says access denied! is there a quick way in windows to bypass this or something, the hard drive is nearly full so there wouldnt me much point in using it as my primary and running windows on that and also it doesnt boot up for some reason but it works with the setup now so i would like to keep this setup and hopefully fix the problem,

thank you in advance,


the second drive should be located in ‘My computer’, probabily labled as E/F/G/H drive.

If you dont own the pc and have user account set up, the person who set up the account might have limited your access (but im unsure if you can actually do that to mounted devices)

Try rightclicking, properties and checking the read /wrte access rules.

cant help beyond that since im a linux user.

If you can boot from your second hard drive and/or log on successfully with administrative rights, then you need to either change this folder to be accessible to all users, or move the files out of My Documents into another folder with rights.
Right Click the MYDocuments folder and then click Sharing and Security.
Make sure the the checkbox “Make this folder Private” is UNCHECKED.

ive treid them and they dont work, it still says “access denied”, ill try again to boot from my hard drive again, i think thats the only way i can get past the user account security

Yes, you need to boot from the drive that has the “problem”