Help aligning/stitching/welding two objects together (but keeping them separate)

Hey all, this is complicated to explain but, I was just wondering if there is a way in which I can align two objects (maintaining the outline shape) or in other words, (with visual help from this diagram):

Keeping the edges of object B as they are, how do I go about “joining” (placing) object A to object B, (How do I make object A’s edges so that they will join to object B’s outline perfectly, without actually welding/joining them into one object.) Initially I tried joining both into one object and then selecting each of the vertices along both edges and filling them in, like so:

I then tried using the resize/smooth vertex tool until object A’s outline moulded into object B’s outline shape but it didn’t go so well as I hoped, as both outlines ended up straight, and I need to maintain the shape of object B’s outline.

Sorry about the poor description or if this is inconveniently easy to fix, I’m still learning. :slight_smile:

so you basically want to fill the hole with faces so the two obejcts are stitched together?

Could put the vertices that need to move in a vertex group (ctrl+G) and use shrinkwrap modifier in nearest vertex mode to get them snap to corresponding ones in another object. Just have to move the vertices about if the shrinkwrap doesn’t pick the right one at first.

If you don’t mind joining the objects, could use W -> bridge edge loops and enable merge from the operator panel. It also has merge factor which allows to choose between the two edges. Could then separate the two again with the rip tool (V), select linked (ctrl+L) and separate by selection §.

A. separate objects, shrinkwrap modifier
B. Joined objects, bridge edge loops

Try including a .blend file when asking questions. In this case you could have prepared one by selecting the closest faces and deleting the rest for both. A .blend makes looking into the problem and communicating faster and easier.

Any idea why this may be happening when I use bridge edge loops? :s

ahh yess, I managed to figure out how to fix the bridge edge loops problem I was having, the only problem I’m having now is that the uv has changed which is messing up the texture :S

Make sure the object has its rotation/scale applied in Object mode (CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale) , unapplied rotation/scale from Object mode result in many tools in Edit Mode working differently (sometime that difference what you want, but most of the time it’s not).
It could explain your bridge edge loop going that badly

And make sure to use the latest version of Blender , there may have been some bug in the bridge edge loop tool in past versions.

edit : i was too slow to post, you fixed already.

Thank you for replying, regardless :slight_smile: