HELP, all tutorials for windows.. i have Mac.

i just got blender and i am starting off with absolute basics, but everything i read or view seems to be for windows, certain keys are the same but there is alot of “right mouse click” and stuff that is specifc for windows. i am using a macbook. how do i learn to do it on a mac? trial and erros has already created many hours of frustration. i still can’t do the snowman scene… ok i got the snowman but not the scene… things on the edit menu dissapear and i can’t find them, i can’t undue too much… ahhh somebody enlighten me please!

Blender works fine on Mac once you work out the alternative methods to a few things. If you don’t have a 3-button mouse you obviously can’t “right-click” (RMB) but “apple-click” does the same. For “middle-click” (MMB), you use “Option-click”. For some other things, option-key replaces alt-key. I’m fairly certain the remainder is pretty much the same no matter what OS you’re using (obviously some suggested file-path names will differ since we don’t have a C:/ drive on a Mac)

(I have no idea what input device a MacBook uses so I hope the above is helpful)

If the above makes sense but you still encounter problems, try posting one or two specific problems with full explanations of the process and the results and there’s plenty of people who should be able to help you find where the problems lie.

I believe it is possible to find tutorials for macs. As AndyD clearly shows that you need to substitute some window things for mac things. This will probaly help so try experimenting with it. On the tutorial I am using it sometimes tells you what you need to do if you have a mac. I suggest you read it from the begining though.
Just copy this website clip and take a look at it.