Help! Ambient Occlusion in 2.7, no multiply?

Blender 2.7

Hello all… I’m new to the site and finding it has given me back a bit of hope!

I’m sorry to bother you guys with this… and hopefully I say it right. (still learning) In ‘World’ settings I need to enable Ambient Occlusion, but also need to set it to Multiply. In earlier versions the option was listed to the right of the AO setting, now I don’t see it.

Can anyone please help me figure this one out? I’d really appreciate it.

Hi there!
I believe you will find the multiply option inside the ambient occlusion setting, in the drop-down that originally says “add”:

It’s still there, but only for Blender Internal. Check that you’re not using Cycles.

Haha! The post above me was in moderation while I was replying. :slight_smile:
Near identical images. :smiley:

Thanks a bunch for the timely response you two… but in Blender 2.7, under the World settings, i’m only seeing Ambient Occlusion, Factor setting and Distance.

The pull down box isn’t shown.

If i’m just overlooking something, sorry! but i’ve rechecked a few times. :\

are there perhaps any settings i should change within the interface?

Could you try a more recent build, please?

I’m using a build of 2.70 that I compiled recently and the button it there as shown.

I just recently DL’d the version i’m using from, but i’m willing to try anything at this point so i’m downloading
the April 8th 64bit Windows version listed on the link you provided.

I’ll let you know how it goes, thanks again for taking the time to reply.

There are quite a few bugs in the official build from and a 2.70a release is scheduled for around the 10th April. It’s possible this is one of the bugs (I haven’t checked).

i downloaded that, opened the project, still don’t see it. :

It sounds like you’re using Cycles not BI. Cycles has the distance value while BI doesn’t and BI has the Blend Mode menu while Cycles doesn’t. Don’t ask me why.

now i feel stupid, i missed the whole ‘only for blender internal’ part!! sorry.

is there anyway to apply this effect in cycles? through node editing perhaps?
i was told to just focus cycles because Blender was eventually dumping Blender render.

a bit confused.

yeah, I over looked that in an earlier post. now i’m kinda stumped… i need AO w/ multiply, does that mean I should redo the project
in Blender Render?

Does this help?

Is it possible to thumbnail images, because the size of some of these is annoying. :confused:

awesome, i’ll give this a try. thanks a bunch!

First of all - I’d stop multiplying by AO as this is “wrong”, “not correct”, “bad practice”… Just learn to stop doing this. There are a lot of materials in the net saying why.
If you however really want this - use the setup below, not the one shown by Richard:

Thanks, Bartek.
It was late and I didn’t put much thought into it.