Help and advice welcome Please

Greetings All

I normally build Architecture floor plan layouts that i find blender epic for 3d walk through’s and animation of the building

I followed a course on CG Cookie (Blender re tracking) that kinda inspired me to try some of the other powerful things Blender can do, after working out the camera settings all was good,

the issue i encountered was textures that was not working dont know what i did wrong but could not get the wings textures to show as preview window and then found that when the wings was in reverse.
There was no texture at all nothing, like i had missed something totally…

Yes i’m a noob in the Special effects area of blender and welcome any pointers (Jargon free) please…
I have attached the file for you to see and understand what i have done wrong

Thanks for reading and looking at the blender file i have attached




traked.blend (1.09 MB)

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