Help animating object particle properties in 2.5


I’m trying to make an animation of swirling leaves in Blender 2.5. Here is what I have so far:

The leaf particles are an object that I modelled. What I’d like to do is have them fade out right before they disappear, but when I animate the material’s alpha value, it animates them over the actual timeline and not over the life of the particle – hence, they all fade out at once. Is there any way around this?

Bart K.

I think nodes can do it, but I am a node noob, so I am not sure of any specifics.

No luck there. Keyframing doesn’t seem to be working in nodes, at least not for me on Win64 alpha 2. When I change one keyframe value, it appears to be changing all of them. Additionally, the curves aren’t showing up in the graph view for some reason. Am I doing something wrong, perhaps, or is this a bug?

I have the same dilemma with another particle system. I use shape keey animation but it affect all particles.

It appears to be broken in 2.5.

In 2.49 you could animate the alpha in the frame range of 1-100 and that would act as a percentage over life for the particles. But as you can see in the attached file, this technique no longer works. Perhaps there is a replacement way of achieving this effect in 2.5?


25_particle_fade_out.blend (185 KB)

Well, the 2.4 docs mention that changing material properties for a duplivert particle object didn’t work. Regardless, I’ll submit a bug report.

Just a follow-up. The bug report was closed because this is apparently a planned feature that they just haven’t implemented yet. So it’s on the way. :slight_smile: