Ay, I’m a newbie, just recently downloaded Blender 2.33a and also downloaded a python script that creates light effects using HDR files( , you guys know what I’m talkin 'bout…

The thing is… it doesn’t work :(, I have every one of the components needed, but it keeps giving me a error message… something about Blender210 module that doesn’t exists… and because I don’t know anything about Python scripts I can’t fix it myself…

If there’s anyone out the that want to help me, the brainless newbie that I am, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE!


the blender 210 module was created to support older versions of blender, in newer versions of blender

it doesn’t exist anymore

you need to find an updated version of that script, or try an older version of blender [like 2.23]

Thanx man, I found another script that works perfectly fine with my current software :slight_smile: Hoo-hooo

Well enlighten us as to what it is and where it can be found???

Well, it’s a bit dodgy…I think…

It uses HDRshop’s Lightgen plugin to genarate the lights, haven’t really put it through it’s paces, yet, but one thing’s for sure… it works with the latest Blender version

you can get it here
and check it out for yourself…we can, like, exchange notes…