Help! Anyone seen this before?

Hello I am modelling my first basic room and I added in a window with glass. I have a spotlight and a photon outside the window and a lamp inside the room. The problem is that the transparent shadows from the window are full of noise on the wall. Has anyone seen this before and know how to fix it? Heres the pic.

That looks like ambient occlusion to me (but I could be wrong). You can turn it off in the world (F8) buttons. Sorry if this doesn’t turn out to be of any help. Yafray takes too long to render on my little machine so I never use it.


That looks like a render using Blender’s internal engine, right? It doesn’t look like amient occlusion either (RamboBaby - AO is a Blender feature, not Yafray. Yafray uses global illumination which is more accurate but slower. Its easy to get them mixed up because they can produce similar results).

Check the material on the glass on your windows to make sure there isn’t something affecting the transparency. Also, remove doubles on your glass and make sure there aren’t 2 copies of your glass object on top of each other. I suppose it could also be a texture on the spotlamp shining through the window - check that too.

If it’s none of those… I don’t know!

I assumed Ash was using Yafray because of the mention of a photon lamp, other than that I don’t know any of Yafray’s features. I wasn’t even sure that it was AO because I’ve never seen highlights that bright when using AO.


You’re right - I’d missed the bit about the photon lamp, so it is Yafray! In that case I think ash needs to play with the number of photons and the search and blur values for the photon lamp - the dotty bits are where the photons have passed through the glass.

Hi, Thanks for the help guys. I increased the amount of photons and increased the blur but the render was taking way too long so I decided to just go with the internal render instead. I am planning to add to the interior so yafray was just too long render times. Heres the latest render now I just have to find a solution for the problem of the light spilling over the left wall but that is for the lighting forum I suppose.