HELP!!! Aplha Texture overlap

I’d like to post a pic of my problem, but i can’t just yet…

Anyways. I tried to make trees in a game. I used .tga’s and when I select alpha they look fine. However when I start to play the game and the camera starts to move around, the texture of other trees, and parts of the tree start to overlap strangely, and then trees that are farther back start appearing through aplha texture closer up.

Maybe it’s my video card or something
I’ll try to post some pics as well

It’s a bug in Blender. Live with it :slight_smile:

didn’t you post this already? I could swear I saw a very similar post in the past 3 days…

wait, yes I did

why hadn’t the mods deleted one of them?

so I would agree with Doc Holiday, there are some hacks here, look for them

(and I have one too…)

yes he did. but he dident notic i think lol :wink:

Resistance is futile :Z

Join trees to one object and manually sort alpha faces. If you need to look on trees only from one side, it’s enough. If not, you have to create multiple versions of mesh with differently sorted faces and add switching to correct mesh in runtime.

I’d rather follow Doc Holiday’s proposal and just ignore it… :wink:

I figured another way around it

The trees i’m trying to use are pine trees, so i made a plane in the general shape of the tree, but smaller and put an opaque green texture on it. Then i made it track to my camera, it works OK

z3r0 d you said you have a hack?
where could i get it?

aww, I didn’t really want to think about this

but I found my thread on the topic: