help! armature not working in the game engine.

hello everyone.
can anybody tell me what’s going on with this model? as soon as i go into the game engine, the armatures stop working. i’ve been watching a tutorial on making a game character and done everything the same but it dosn’t work. here’s the file:
cynder game logic.blend (1.91 MB)
btw if any spyro fans are looking at this, yes, it is cynder:)

If in 2.5 and you have a subsurf modifier, make sure the armature modifier is above it.

nope it’s not that. i have changed the settings on the armatures. they’re not a modifyer anymore. this is what the guy in the tutorial did.

you could try deleting the channels of the bones that do not use (if any)

in edit animation,

… in addition to other good advice

and not use subsfurf…

hmm i’ll cheak.
i’ve used subsurf before and it worked in the early 2.5.
but i think it has something to do with the armatures, not the mesh. everytime i go into the game engin, it snaps back to it’s origanal pose.