help!!!! ASAP with ask you stupid alien 3! shadows and wierd motion blur

ok so heres my problem watch it here ok so ya the ground is messed up in this shot the reason why is cuz i have a ground plane for the shadows but i put in motion blur so it blurs out the plane and makes it look like that so is there some way to make the plane and just the plane not have vector blur? or does someone no how to make shadows for the CGI in vision lab studio (i.e. fx home) or WAX ? cuz taking out vector blur isnt an option unless you could add it in wax or vision lab studio or something but ya please help!?!?!?


subdivide the ground plane.

vec-blur can give strange results for large faces. If you subdivide the ground plane 2-3 times it should render fine.

Put the plane on a different render layer and don’t vector blur that render layer.

Why is the ground jumping like a bass drum? Did you track the shot? I can’t tell form the video what problem you are referring to because the encoding quality is so low.

fake subsurf? or real subsurf?

the reasin why its like a drum is cuz of the vector blur

Simple subsurf is probably all you need. It will divide up the geometry for you without trying to make the edges of the plane rounded.

ok so i subsurfed it up (normal subdivide not smooth sub) but its still blur up with the vector blur whats wrong?

could you upload a blend? with just the ground that you have, not the video and stuff.

no it magicalyt is working now dont know why… thanks anyway tho =)