Help assigning and deleting textures!

(First of all, I’m sorry if a similar thread I posted was erased, moved or is still pending moderation, but I got no notification of it and I need help).

Hi there, I’ve been using Blender for years now, but not often lately, and I’m lagging behind with updates. My issue is the following: I’m trying to apply different materials to a same mesh, in specific vertex groups (see attachment 1). When I hit assign nothing apparently happens, as whenever I select a new material the whole object changes to that material. To make matters worse, I’ve tried making diferent materials in order to test stuff on this matter, and now I can’t delete it by clicking on the cross icon that’s apparently used to perform that (yes, in object mode).

Wait, I just checked and now there’s only one material, plus another I just created and, again, can’t delete. Wth even happened.

As a side question, is there any way to avoid subsurf making a saw like indentation on the edge with triangles?

There is no attachment.

You should be in Edit Mode in order to be able to assign different materials to your mesh.

All stuff that is not used will be deleted on closing the file.

Do you try to subsurf a sphere? If yes, then increase number of segments (and maybe rings) when you add a sphere to your scene.



“assign materials…in specific vertex groups…”

  • i think you would have to use nodes (either in BI or Cycles) or rendered vertex paint layer image (or vp masks combined into RGB channels) to achieve this.