help assigning bone to vertice group

So I have a verticie group and a bone, im trying to assign that bone to the group but i cannot figure this out. Im trying to do this without weight paint and with only the vertice groups right now

It should work automatically as long as the vertex group and bone have the exact same name. Including any capitals. When you parent the armature and mesh, select “name groups” so it’ll use them and not enveloppes. There are also buttons to pick between “enveloppes/vertex groups/bone heat” but I don’t remember in which panel it is. I think it’ll be in the armature properties when in object mode, but I’m not sure. They’re easy to find anyway.
(this is all in 2.49 though, dunno about 2.5)

this option is not in 2.5, I tried to rename the bones the same as groups, but it only grabs 2 or 3 vertices out of the whole group, the vertices at the tip of the bone