[HELP] attempting to use rigid physics for mace animation

I am currently modelling the witch king and one of the parts of this personal project is that I want to animate the mace in a swinging animation. I am having serious problems getting the rigid body to work as intended and cannot achieve ANY tangable result that looks anything like a mace in action, its either too stiff, lags, falls apart or all 3 and more.

Are there any good tutorials on rigid body physics? Should I not even attempt to animate in this way and just use keyframes and curves? or is there a program I can use to make animation to then import back into blender and use that.

Thanks, hope I get a reply for this thread as it is the bane of my life right now!

On a side note, here’s one of the images I have done for the witchking

You asked your question in the wrong section.

Are you animating the character too? Because in that case I think is better if you animate the whole thing manually.

Share the file anyway so we can see how you’re doing the animation.