Help Auto Rig Pro Remap


I’m experiencing remapping motion capture data in bender.

First of all, I was searching a way to get back animations on my character in blender.
I have 2 fbx : the character and his animation in separate fbx files.

I import the first fbx : my character in rest pose.

Then I import my second fbx : the animation ( which use exactly the same bones as my character)

In the dopesheet, I wanted simply load the action on my character but it didn’t work beccause the rest pose of the animation is not good. It is by default the first frame of the animation I guess.
So I have to fix the rest pose of the animation armature to be the same as the character armature. I wanted to use the auto rig remap tool. But when I copy rotation to redefine rest pose, it goes wrong as you can see below.

I could redefine rest pose manually , i.e. create copy transform constraint on each bone of my animation armature constraint to the bones of my character armarture but it’s so time consuming. In 3dsmax , it would be much more easier since I can update the animation when I import my fbx. But I want to find a workflow with only blender.

I you have any solution, I would be so grateful .

Thank you for your time.

I finally find a solution here :