Help! Bake to keyframes not working

Hello guys! I am going crazy with frustration :stuck_out_tongue:
Please help!

I have animated a Jenga tower building up.
I have parented all the rigid bodies to an empty object and scaled them up because the simulation was too jiggly at real-world scale.

I have applied physics to the bricks and everything works fine up to this point.

Now I want to bake the rigid body animation to frames so I can scale everything down to the real-world scale as the rest of the scene and all the materials are.

BUT the option to bake to keyframes gets rid of all the animations and the “bake to frames” button in the rigid world tab is not active! What to do?

Here is my blend file.

jenga_anim.blend (3.2 MB)

Try bake action.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, that does not work. After the action the simulation disappears and no keyframes are created :confused:
Could you maybe take a look at the file I uploaded?

Even if you choose bake visual keying?
I cannot check at the moment .helas
Or visual transform…dont remember.

No luck :frowning:
That does not work for me. Wonder why that is.

OMG! It worked!!!
I thought that by “bake action” you ment the bake to keyframes from the “object/rigid body” menu
and You dear sir meant “object/animation”!
Oh, I would hug you if I could!

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When i search a function, as a 2.7x keymap user ,i press space bar and type. Bake action. I ne er use menus.
Glad to help you.

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