Help baking normal map

I’m following a tutorial on creating game terrain and I just reached the part when I take my High poly model and bake the normal map to a low poly version. When I attempt to do this (with the settings set to Bake mode: normals and normal space: tangent) I get one solid colored blue normal map. :frowning: the low poly is UV unwrapped and backing to global work (although strangely). I have GLSL enabled and I’m confused on what I’m doing wrong. Both objects should be in the exact same spot and it should work :confused:
Working on a Mac with blender 2.5.7b Would love any help on this :slight_smile: Thanks

Did you select the “Selected to Active” tick box?

Yes I did, Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Anyone have an answer to this?

This is the tut btw:

Play with “Dis” & “Bias” setting, increase them to get the best results.

ok I’ll try thanks :slight_smile:
Edit: tried a ton of combinations no luck :frowning:

You’re sure you have selected 1st the high poly, letting the SHIFT pressed and selected the low poly in 2nd, so in the end both are selected, and in that order , and then you have Selected to Active ticked before clicking on Bake for the normals ?

I got it working thanks guys :slight_smile: turns out the high poly got shifted by a minuscule amount :confused:
Thanks again for all the help :slight_smile:

Have you tried to bake normal map for lowpoly mesh on a new image? because, if you haven’t , then it is not possible to bake normal map with both high/low mesh. First bake normal map of lowpoly on new image, then bake high/low normal map.