Help - Basic Game Engine

Hello, I am trying something that will soon be obviously quiet simple to me.

Basically i am setting up a Walk rig for game engine, With WASD keys.

I have W for forward motion and A for turn left (obviously). What i want to do is have a seperate “trigger” for “walking forward and turning”, rather than have one for turn and one for walk forward and have both “overlap” to walk and turn.
So what i wat is a key for “W” to walk forward
A key for “A” to turn.
And a completely seperate key for “W and A” when they are both pressed because the action/motion for just “A” (Turning on the spot) is turning much to quik for a walk and turn motion.

(i.e. if “W” is pressed i want certain action played
if “A” pressed i want rotation played
if “W” and “A” pressed i want a totally independant action from the individual “W” and “A” keys")

I am aware of a way of doing this using properties but i am sure this is becoming far more complicated than it should be atm. PLEASE HELP.

You need to use a bit of logic combination:

Instead of
if W: walk_forward

try set up the logic brick like this:
if W and NOT A: walk_forward.

Basically you’ll need to feed the AND controller 2 keyboard input. One of them set to inverse.