Help before bad things happen

Hi guys,
Ive got some basic, fundamental yet everlasting problem with radial/circular array.
Whatever I change Origin/Pivot - still cant have radial array of eg. 8 objects around an empty,
see attached file pls…
bad1.blend (1.3 MB)

Hi, You need to make sure the origin is set to the centre of the empty.

thing is I set the Origin but it works only if As Per Cursor.

Check Relative Offset. Set X offset back to 0. Uncheck Relative Offset. Select the object. Set it’s origin to 3D cursor (or location of Empty if different). Change Count to 8. Rotate Empty by 45 degrees in Z.

and if you want the arrayed objects nearer or further from the centre point move them in Edit mode.

This is normal, the origin of your object (Plane.008) is not well defined. As a reminder, the origin of an object is visualized by a yellow dot.
In addition, the Transform Pivot point is set to 3D Cursor .


  • Select the object (Plane.008).
  • Right click > Set Origin > Origin To 3D Cursor.
  • Set the Array modifier (e.g. Count = 8).
  • For easy placement, you can do it directly from Transform > Z Rotation

Thank you, John for comprehensive explanation ))

Id ask however: why MOve Origin to… does not work in this case?
I mean: only moving Origin to 3D Cursor works?

Btw. Coordinate system&cursor manipulation is sick in Blender IMHO…and thats a serious and a protracted ilness.