Help - Beginner - Problem with Parenting a gun to a character

Am working on a prototype game. My character is a ball (sphere) and it has the ability to pull out a gun (cylinder) and shoot bullets.
the problem is that I need the ball to be a rigid object not a dynamic object and that causes the gun to roll with ball … you know what I mean ?.
this makes it impassible to aim at anything… THAT’S PROBLEM NUMBER 1
2- How can I keep the camera from going through walls? … when my character is in a room for an example sometimes the camera gets out of the room instead of trying to be behind the character and under the ceiling :rolleyes:.
------ Am new to Blender Artist, new to Blender, new to English and everything ! sorry for bad spelling and not explaining my problems correctly due to lack of English (what the hell dude is it an English class or Blender Forum :confused:)
PS I parented the gun to the ball using Ctrl+PKey is this the way to do it ?

  1. Vertex parent the gun to the sphere - Select the gun, then select the sphere. Press Tab to go into Edit-mode, select a vertex, and then press Ctrl-P to parent the gun to the sphere, but not inherit the sphere’s rotation.
  2. To keep the camera from going through the walls, you’ll have to use a script. It’s somewhere around the forum here, floating around in the Game Engine Resources section, probably.

It WORKED ! Thankx Solarlune , I’ll look of the script. Thanks your awesome.