Help - Beginner - Problem with Shape Action Actuator

Hi ,I’m working in a game and for some reasons I DO NOT want to use armatures to animate objects.I have animated my character in IPO (2 keys) then clicked on the black stick man next to the eye to make the keys show in the action editor, when I move the time line the action works fine but when I try to use it in game engine it doesn’t work.
I’ve looked around google and here, I found that I should rename the action to ShapeAction and also the actuator. Still doesn’t work for me… Any Ideas ??:confused:

ALSO ANOTHER PROPLEM : IF the renaming of ShapeAction worked , this would mean I can only make ONE action !!!

No, you shouldn’t use the Shape Action actuator for this - if you want to animate them with F-Curves (IPOs), then you should use the F-Curve actuator. While you only can access a single animation with the F-Curve system as it is, you can relegate specific ranges of frames to certain animations (i.e. 0 - 15 are walking, 20 - 60 are dying, etc).