[Help] Best place where I can buy PC staffs (vga, cpu and etc.)?

Hello. I’m from Uzbekistan(Asia). And i want to buy graphic card. But where i can buy it? Which is the best: Amazon or Newegg?
In Amazon prices is more high than Newegg. But buying priorities of people are high.
In Newegg prices are low. But i don’t know which payment system they are use. Cause only MasterCard, VISA, Payoneer and WebMoney are supported in our country.
So, please, help me with “right select”. If you have another one internet magazine which supported uppear wroted payment systems, so you’re welcome.
Thanks in advance!

Why are you buying from american websites? pretty much all computer components come from asia anyway.
Won’t it be cheaper getting it from a local business?
I’ve found a list of world wide stores to buy components from (at least half are in asia)

hope this helps

I saw your link. Of course, i know Uzbekistan is not popular country for this things, but is it possible buy from newegg? Cause those links which you write is not supported for me. For example, now i like www.conrad.com which is good place to buying, but there are not supported my country. I want to buy pc hardwares in low prices like newegg and conrad. All problems in prices. For example, if in US something is $100, that thing in Uzbekistan will be $180. And if in our bank system $1 = 2090 sum, in our magazines $1 = 2850 sum. It will high cost:
In bank - $100 = 209 000 sum
In magazine/hand - $100 = 285 000 sum.
Now you know why i want to buy from American magazines. All staffs in America are more-more low cost if we change to my country.