Help - Best way to add interior ribbing

I am creating and aircraft wings section for 3D printing and need to add support ribbing to the interior of the part. I was planning on modeling the ribbing as a separate object and them using Booleans to cut the ribbing to the shape of the wing section.

Here is what I have modeled.

Here is what I want as end result.

But I cannot figure out how to do this, any ideas?

Why not just make it solid, and let the slicer add the infill?

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Dito, your wing does have some grid. Try fins some diagonals…
And it seems to be that your objects are just modeled of curved and straight plane there is no volume… and this does work?

Yes, what @Magnavis said. Any slicer such as cura should allow you to edit infill settings; attempting to add infill in blender will probably give you trouble.