Help Beveling Curved Edge


I am rather new to Blender and am trying to model a logo. I loaded a vector file, converted to mesh, cleaned up the results manually, extruded it, and am now trying to soften the edges a bit. If I use the Bevel tool, it makes all the triangles on the front turn bumpy, like a washboard.

I think I need to copy the edge and move it, but I don’t know how to do this. Can someone explain? Please tell me if you need more screenshots or the .blend file.

Also, as you can see in the green image, when I am not in edit mode, some lines show up and some don’t. Why is this, and is it related to the awful render effects I get if I set the mesh to smooth?


Here are some ideas: Instead of using bevel tool, do the extrusion in stages, first extruding outwards, then down. I think there might be a script somewhere to do “mitered” scale (along individual normals instead of radially). This way you get more control of the beveling process.

You might also try fixing the cap area to be all quads instead of triangles, before using bevel tool.

Instead of “set smooth”, try auto smooth, if you have a mixture of hard and soft edges.

Those missing lines in object mode, I used to see them too but not so much lately. Upgrade to 2.46 if you haven’t already.

I’d wait for Blender 2.46 to actually be released, which is might be as soon as tomorrow. No use installing a release candidate with release so soon. :smiley:

Someone was able to point me in the right direction in IM along the lines of what ElAkimein said, and now I have two (rather messy) models that are about what I hoped for. (I extruded the outline down, then scaled out, then extruded down again, then extruded the edge down again, then scaled that in.) I seem to still have issues with the surface fills.

I am now trying to animate the logo spinning, but I want the IPO curve (correct my terminology if needed) you see there to go up on the second half, instead of being symmetrical. In other words, but I want it to loop instead of reverse at the midpoint. Is there a way to flip that curve half without making more keyframes?

Thank you so much for helping me. I wouldn’t be able to finish this othewise.


You can edit curves similarly to models. Right click on the curve, TAB into edit mode, right click on the control point you want to move, and G =>Y to move it up. Also, hit N with the mouse in the IPO window for the Transform Proprerties panel for precise x, y, placement of points.

Sorry, can’t help with animation, not my forte. On a side note, I don’t think you should edit your forum post to something else entirely, it looks funny when you see answers below to a question that was removed in edit.

I think you want to change the extend mode to extrapolate. Go to for more information.