HELP!!!! Blendeer GE 2.6 Bullethole

Hi People

I’m working at Blender for a half year. Now I wanted to start making a FPS. I created the movement and the mouselook. I can change the weapons and i can shoot. BUt i don’got the Bulletholes.

My Idea: I’ll use the Logic Bricks for the Bulletholes.
Ray-Sensor <-------> Pyth

The Text-Editor includes a Pythonscript which says:

  1. Script determines the point where the raysensor impinge
  2. At this point a plane added. The plane should have the same rotation as the fore example:“Wall”.

BUT i suck at scripting with python. :smiley:

So… I found many scriptings for a Bullethole. And i found many Templates but they are all for Blender 2.5 or lower.

Could somebody write me a script for that???

P.S. Sorry for my bad English or the spelling Mistakes. I’m German.
P.S.S. I’m really sorry if i didn’t see a topic which is the same as mine. Or if i didn’t see a template which include that.
P.S.S.S Oh and COuld somebody give me a written Tutorial for scripting with Python in Blender GE 2.6??

Here is a video tutorial Goran made, it’s exactly what you need. :slight_smile:

You saved my day. Thx