Help blender 249 python scripts not working

I loaded blender 249 while installing blender 249, I was prompted to download windows x86 and python 2.62. I keep hearing that blender has python built in, however during the installation for windows it sends you to the web site to install python?

I start blender, it says I got it, python 2.63. BUT

I open blender and look at the export or import no python scrips shown, I have older verison of blender 242 it has the script if you look at the export import area.

file…just below append is import export, area, in blender ver 249 I only have vrml 1.0 DXF etc but no 3d studio etc.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks Mark

“download windows x86”? That’s very strange!

Blender does have Python built in and can run without Python installed on your computer. However, the python included with blender does not have the full python library. Alot of scripts use modules that arent included with Blender, therefore they rely on a full installation of python.

I dont know why the scripts would not be showing up though.

The x86 is microsoft’s soft runtime library . i have xp, and other computer vista, both have the sme problem.

How to I install full python for windows xp?

If you are having problems installing Blender, try downloading the .zip for Windows.
Then Unzip it anywhere on your computer.
You can even Copy Paste it over your faulty install.

Go here and click on Windows x86 MSI installer. Once you download it, just run it and it will install python.

Yea I did that already. when you install blender new ver, after blender is installed you will be prompted to go to the microsiftsite to upload runtime or or somthing like that, then after that is installed you will be prompted to go to another web site and install just what your link is. x86

After that the blender screen says your done, I start up blender it says I got it python.

But when I open blender I look at the export feature and no python export shows up, like 3d max and more? my older ver of blender does have that.

I need to export/import some objects but, no export pythons list shows up. only Vrml 1.0 DXF, STL and nothing else? should be a list of scrips to export or import.


I did try to install same thing! no python export list. hmmm.

There have been a number of posts with the same thing. See if this helps.


Well i think i figured it out, i reloaded blender, still didnot work, laoded the zip blener for windows, still did not work. I then tryed to look at the script is pointed at , tyed to repoint it ti the scrips file in the blender file did not work, then I picked one on the python py files the wrl file one and it worked so far. i then exported the file and opened the wrl file in windows exp… Back to work thanks all. I guess you have to pick the python file you want.


Hey guys can you tell me how to direct or basically install python script in to Blender. I have Vista 64-bit, so that means i have the folder version of Blender. The problem is when i open the program, the black window behind the program says, there is no python. Basically i’m having similar problems, but i am a newby and i don’t know how to install the python 2.6.2 in to Blender, can you guys tell me in a newby style. Thanx.

Can you guys tell me, is it a good idea to overwrite Blenders python script with downloaded new version python script?

another question. I copied and pasted Luxblend script in to Blenders script. And when i open Blenders script window to direct it to the software, i get python script error message. What am i doing wrong now.